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Aerodrome database and aeronautical charts in 2017

In 2017 we expect a significant update of communication frequencies in the Czech Republic. The first wave of realignment to 8.33 kHz channel bandwidth took place in November 2016 and involved the Prague CTR/TMA (but it was only a few frequencies). The second wave of realignment enter into force on March 30th, 2017 and will apply to almost all frequencies mainly in west part of CZ territory. A third wave in the autumn of 2017 will tunes remaining frequencies mainly in east part of CZ territory. Changes from the first wave were already published at Aerodrome Database 2016 (new channels are shown in brackets). All other new channels can be found right in your new Aerodrome Database 2017 and enclosed aeronautical charts. Effectiveness of the new edition of Aerodrome Database 2017 shall be from the same date as the second wave of realignment - March 30th, 2017 (WEF 30 MAR 2017).

Part of the new Aerodrome Database 2017 will also be a new current aeronautical chart ICAO 1:500 000 from AIS ANS CR, which is supplied for Aerodrome Database under the program of flying safety for GA by company ANS CR. WEF of ICAO chart will also be March 30th, 2017. And of course you will also find attached our VFR aeronautical charts to the Aerodrome Database 2017 as usual. It is Aeronautical Chart VFR/GPS 1:500 000 CZ+SK - perfect for visual/GPS navigation and Lower airspace chart VFR/GPS 1:1 000 000 CZ+SK - perfect for flight planning and also as quick refference for GPS navigation.

According to the editorial plan the jubilee 20th edition of your Aerodrome Database 2017 will be released on March 24th, 2017.

CAPTION and COMMENTS for Aerodrome Database FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES is available HERE (PDF 12MB).

Aerodrome database - integral set of current information for VFR flights
in the Czech and Slovak Republic

• Including Aeronautical Chart VFR/GPS 1:500 000 CZ+SK - perfect for visual/GPS navigation
• Also including Lower airspace chart VFR/GPS 1:1 000 000 CZ+SK - perfect for flight planning and also as quick refference for GPS navigation.

• Containing information abou all aerodromes, airfields, UL fields for microlights and heliports
• Aerodrome plans and charts with aeronautical information
• Radiocommunication frequencies
• Helpful addresses, telephone numbers, websites
• Flight procedures in both countries
• Meteorogical information, sunrises/sunsets
• Detailed airspace descriotion and airspace allocation
• Conversion tables, abbreviations
• Top quality covered spiral binding

Aerodrome Database is highly regarded for quick reach of necessary informations. It is essential on board inflight as well as in preflight preparation and after landing. You will find information about all airports, airfields, fields for takeoff and landing UL planes and heliports. And also many up to date general-use information. All information is updated annually by issuing new publication. This eliminates the strenuous and time-consuming updating by hand amendments - rewriting and deleting of data. Next year we will prepare a new Aerodrome Database with updated and accurate information - just on the begining of the flying season.

The information in your Aerodrome Database are divided into three basic sections of the following ways:
• Aerodrome section - Flight information needed on-board for flying: Contains well-ordered information without wasted padding for arrival/ departure and flight around the airport. The texts are short, so you will find basic essential information without dificulties and are printed in larger font to be easily readable even under heavy conditions. There are also given basic telephone numbers and direct numbers to the ATC services units.
• Section AD INFO - information needed for pre-flight and after landing: Holds detailed information about aerodrome, services provided on AD and at vicinity, direct phone numbers, detailed contacts to companies and individuals active in the aerodrome. Activities and operations at the AD, sporting and cultural possibilities. Verified phones to a local taxi and contacts on restaurants and lodging recommended by local pilots.
• Section GEN - General information about flying, instructions, hints, tables, charts: It contains important and up to date general information about flying in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Lots of instructions and hints for everyday flying, flying procedures, local difference, detailed airspace description and tables with all necessary data. Contains also detailed VFR approach charts for airports with controlled airspace.

Aeronautical charts
Each copy of Aerodrome Database is packed with two up to date aeronautical charts prepared using the latest standards of digital cartography directly in our publishing house, based on our own current data and also data from many other sources.
Aeronautical chart VFR 1:500 000 is specially designed for visual and GPS navigation and includes a complete aeronautical information required for VFR flights in common flight altitude (for CZ up to FL95 and for SK up to FL90).
Lower airspace aeronautical chart VFR 1:1 000 000 is designed to quickly obtain important information on airspace and airports both pre-flight and in-flight. This chart is invaluable for example, when using GPS navigation, because its give you a quick and comprehensive overview of all important aeronautical information not only in the place of your flight, but also in the wider area.

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Databáze letišť

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